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Issa is an adventurous young girl with a very big heart. She’s super smart, very well read and always tries to learn a culture before visiting a new country.  She’s obviously a great cook, but she has a super power - she can understand and speak any language once it’s spoken to her!



Layla is Issa’s mom, Executive Chef and Owner of her own restaurant.  As a working mom, Layla is always trying to balance work and family.  She runs the kitchen with both authority and sweetness and is totally in love with her daughter.



Tartufo is Issa’s sidekick and a potbellied pig.  Whenever he and Issa travel, the splotch on his hind quarters takes on the shape of the country they are visiting.  Tartufo has an acute sense of smell and incredible hearing.  He’s instrumental in helping Issa find the ingredients and has an amazing memory.



Pierre is a classically-trained Sous Chef.  He has a bit of a clumsy nature and is always misplacing things in his “mise en place”.  He relies on Issa to help him keep his Sous Chef status at Chef Layla’s restaurant.



Maha (“Mahakala”) is a wise, black crow that keeps his eye on Issa and Tartufo during their adventures.  Mahakala is a protector diety in Tibetan Buddhism and literally means “Great Black One”.